Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Random Compilation of Thoughts.

Today has been a weird day. I set out to do this blog as a way to share mine and Andy's life with our friends and family but also to explore and share random thoughts, creations and fun facts that I appreciate. Today, I will do all of the above.

First of all, today I remember my grandfather - Jim Buechter. Thanks for being an inspiration, friend and all around great guy, Grandpa!

Today also marks mine and Andy's one month anniversary. I felt slightly silly for even celebrating but my mom assured me that everyone does it and thus I felt a little better. The past month has been full of lots of studying, many intentional drops of the words "wife" and "husband" and several complete losses of self identity as I have transitioned from Amanda Forsyth to Amanda Wendling. In another month, Andy and I will find ourselves on the road to Portland and thus facing completely new adventures.

I sat in a wonderful retreat today at work in which the below video was shared and somehow I find it fitting today. I think Andy and I, when it comes to our future, well, "we've got ourselves a game!"



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