Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Portland Playground.

We are slowly, but surely, getting settled in to our new home. We were officially "just the two of us" last Friday as we took Shay to the airport. It was sad to say goodbye but I'm fortunate to be heading home for work in a week so I knew that it wouldn't be long until I was laughing - in person - with my sister again.

Andy and Shay had a good time getting to know the area (aka all the local breweries) during the days while I worked, and it was nice to meet them out for drinks and fun as I finish my days up at 3:00 here (5:00 central). The week found us exploring Powell Books, The Bite of Oregon (FABULOUS), Willamette Valley Wineries and getting pedicures (we had to relax after all that walking through National Parks!).

Since Shay left us, Andy and I have really started to get settled into our new place. Although it continues to be a work-in-progress (we still have not bought a TV)it feels like home and is such a wonderful space - we really lucked out!

In addition, we have enjoyed walking each evening through our neighborhood (are we getting old?!). Within a block of our condo there is an amazing view of Mt Hood - so much fun! We were also able to do some exploring and hiking through a few parks this past weekend as well as walk around and get to know downtown a bit more!

Oh, yeah, and Andy finally started his new job... :)!


  1. Hey Amanda - did you guys buy a house? I love it! Also, where are you working?


  2. Sara,
    We didn't purchase a house - we ended up renting a condo from a very nice couple. And, as for the job, I was lucky enough to keep my job in Cedar Rapids and am working remotely from home!

    Good to hear from you!


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