Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wonderful, wonderful weekends!

There are no words for the emotions I feel toward the weekends these days. As blessed as I know I am to have the flexibility of working from home - my days are often lonely and offer little excitement but when the weekend comes it feels like the whole world (or city) is ours to experience.

This weekend began with a knock on our door. Andy and I literally looked at each other startled and puzzled - this knock was surely meant for someone else as the two people we know in Portland were sitting in our bedroom. Andy headed down and was pleasantly surprised to meet our neighbor - Bill. Bill, as we quickly found out, was hosting Bryon Friedman for a quaint show in his living room and invited us to come over.

This was such a cool experience and a fun way to meet a few of our neighbors (plus the band!). I recommend anyone who likes Jack Johnson, The John Butler Trio or even Dave to check out this guy's music.

On Saturday we had big plans to hike and wander downtown but they were cut a little short by the amount of wine I consumed on Friday - oops - and the calling we had to go watch the Cyclones once we made it downtown. Andy can still be heard randomly announcing "God damnit, Cyclones" thanks to that game.

Sunday began with two equally pleasant surprises. 1) It was sunny and 2) Daylight Savings. This meant we were out our front door by 9 am and ready to see what the city had to offer. First, we found the hike that we had missed on Saturday.

From the hike we stumbled upon a new oasis of fun - Nob Hill. This is literally a mecca of all things I love - shoes, clothes, food, wine, beer, kitchen gadgets! We literally wandered this neighborhood for hours and then the rain that we expected at 7 am found us. Like true Portland-loving pretend natives - we endured the rain sans umbrellas until we finally headed home.


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