Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We learned last week that at least one experience brings tears to my husband's eyes:
  • Balls of fire at Salvador Molly's in Portland.  These habenero balls are no joke.  Diner beware - you may not get through the rest of your meal!

From hot to cold.  (how do you like that transition?)  It's been cold - like in the 20's - and rainy here almost everyday so despite an attempt at reducing my coffee intake, I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time at coffee shops.  I think a soy latte has been medically proven to warm your soul. 

Plus it gets me interacting with humans despite my "home office" set-up.  Best interaction of the week?  A little girl - about four years old by my estimation - exclaiming "my latte is ready" after a barista called her name the other day.  Her mortified mother looked at me and swore it was hot chocolate!  Some of my fave hang outs:
  • Starbucks ranks at the top.  I say this knowing that it's not as "hip" as finding your fave hole in the wall.  But, I have a serious crush on Howard Schultz (and am fascinated by the Starbucks brand) and I refuse to not give him some business.
  • Red "E" Cafe - as seen in People magazine.
  • Metro Perc.  This place has a fireplace.  So, even though I think one of the workers is sassy, I still return.
You know what else warms the soul?  Happy hour!

Is it innapropriate to gift beer themed onesies to the dozens of people I know that are having babies in 2012 (err - I really did accidently type that.  Maybe I'm subconciously foreshadowing today?) --I mean 2011.

I'll be in Iowa a lot in the next few months working and I have started to prematurely "miss" Portland (without even knowing where our next destination will be - it really makes no sense).  It's starting to feel like our weekends are numbered here.  We are compiling our list of to-dos before we leave - any Northwesterners have some suggestions?


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