Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Starts.

We welcomed more visitors this weekend.  This time from Missouri.  My Grandma, Aunt Jo and Uncle Tim touched down in the rainy city on Thursday evening and we kicked the weekend off at Deschutes Brewery with a great meal and a toast to the weekend ahead.  Then, because the beer (and wine) was so good, we decided to toast a second time; to my new start.

I closed up one computer on Thursday afternoon and set-up a new one.  I neatly placed the computer in a drawer and thought about what a new start means and how many I've had throughout the past few months.  The thing about any new start is that with each one, you bring with it, the old.  The old lessons, the old emotions and all the old paths that have lead you to this new one. 

My paths have been full of an amazing support system that, like this tree, branches in every which way.  Without even just one of its branches, the tree would take on a new shape.  Three of my branches were with me this weekend and it was nice to spend time with these people who have shaped my life and helped both of us get to the point that we are today.

So, with family that we love even more than this new city we have discovered, we soaked up all that Portland has to offer.

"Soaking" in Multnomah Falls - literally - it was wet down there!
Soaking up the sites of a roadside market. 

Come to find out that market had pie.

Soaking up local cheese and wine!

Enjoying new found "adventure buddies."
Soaking in the coast, even if it was from a window so we wouldn't get literally soaked!
Here's to new starts and enjoying the people who help get us to them!


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