Monday, May 2, 2011

That's Life!

Andy and I exchange a new - not earth shattering - saying back and forth lately. "That's life" seems to be our best explanation for so much happening around us.

Two weeks apart concluded with a strange combination of run/walk/skip/gallop toward him at the airport. Kind of embarassing but that's life!

I missed a kickass Groupon for a furniture store that I really like. I could have the headboard that I have been wanting for only $50 but I missed it all because I'm pretty sure I was slightly sleeply still and the majority of my thoughts lately consist of "did I answer that email?" or "did I Tweet for that company?" Yeah, that's life .

We'll be moving again in about two months and we have no idea where we'll be moving to but I guess that's life!

This past weekend, we checked out the beautiful tulip fields outside of Woodburn, OR. It was quite a sight. Thousands of tulips set against the surreal backdrop of Mt. Hood. Little did we know what a big deal the coinciding festival was - It included carnival rides and a cow train.  I think we were about 30 years too young to be there without children but, hey, that's life!

We also drove to Eugene on Sunday because it was a beautiful day and we haven't been there yet. On our way we stopped for a glass of wine at Willamette Valley Vineyards and got two more Oregon Pinot Glasses (because we love them and they come with a tasting there!).  Somewhere between the wine, the sunny day and Prefontaine's Alma Mater, I realized I was on the Sunday drive that I hated as a child. You know, those Sundays when after church your parents jam all four children into a vehicle because "it's such a lovely day!"

Yup, one more item I can check off my list - becoming my parents.  Check!

Well, that's life, right?
This photo makes me laugh.  How real is that smile?

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