Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I usually write in this space and it comes easily.  Not so this week - even after skipping a week. 

I think my mind is cluttered so I shall give you my mind dump to clear it and hope that an interesting post reveals itself along the way.

I had a five hour layover in Minneapolis this past week that was just long enough to remind me that things happen between where you are and where you're going.  Things like making a fool of yourself to an NFL player and meeting friendly people who teach you about their journey and help you pass the time with a common bond of "stuck."

I met a cute little lady bug recently and I still crave that clean baby smell and the wise eyes!

Finding a place to live in Florida is hard. 

We signed up for our first full marathon and I already have butterflies.  Who wants to bet I fall down?  Odds are good.  Two half-marathons to date and two times I have fallen down!

I'm really going to miss Portland.  I'm not good with change - must make amends with this little devil.

Working from home is challenging some days and fun on others.  Some days are Adele days, others Zac Brown Band and then when it's really bad, out comes the Christina Aguilera Pandora station because it makes me laugh.  But I still miss my cube.

I'm going to really miss Portland (I worded that differently so it's a different thought).  I like going on runs and having Mt. Hood appear seemingly from no where to put me in my place.  My place today - a lot of rambling in my mind but nothing too worrisome so I'll call it a good day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The In-Between.

The reality of my life today is that I live in Portland, OR and work in Cedar Rapids, IA.  That won't be true for long - I'm kind of in-between home locations - but that statement means that I'm also always a bit in-between experiences. 

Between meeting new friendly faces I meet weird ones that tell me that they don't like cheese, chocolate or china (as in the dishes, not the country).  But both meetings provide their share of reflection.  One reminds me that I can probably someday do it - and by it, I mean become a good mother while juggling a career and the in-between - the other reminds me that sometimes some comments at airport bars are just better left to yourself.

The Amazingly Friendly Face, Ms. Stella!
Somewhere in between our travels and the things we write about this other stuff happens. 

The other stuff - realizations, facts and funnies:

I have very sore arms from a funny and exhilarating Ferrell's workout with my sister.

After meal tea time conversations are by far more interesting than convos sans tea!

Coffee in a living room surrounded by family and Stella snuggles tastes better than coffee anywhere else.

Cornuts on airplanes are never acceptable.  They smell and everyone {me} around you now hates you for stinking up the joint!

"We are RICH" - says my husband at Panera so convincing that the man in front of us glances around fully expecting to see the two fanciest people ever.  His disappointed face reminded us that it's all about mind over matter!

And so, something happens between where you are and where you're going that results in the in-between and sometimes that in-between ends up being the important stuff!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

California Dreamin'

The thing about great weekends that are spent with great friends is that they inevitably come to an end.  And although you try to breathe in every minute of new places and experiences at some point they dissolve into not so distant memories.

This weekend was a weekend for checking off bucket list items!  Napa?  Check!

Mai Tai in San Francisco with good food and lots of laughter?  I didn't really know it was on my bucket list but it got added - and checked off - kind of like those items that I add to my to-do list during the week after I've already done them so the ever growing list seems a little more in reach!
Walking and driving around a city trying to figure out exactly how we could reenact episodes of Full House... Check!

But in the end we are welcomed back home to a whole different kind of list.  One that reminds us that we won't be in these parts much longer but then I suppose there are bucket list items to be checked off everywhere if we remember to look!
Criteria for a new house / condo / apt.
My secret to getting through condo searching. 
I'll never tell how full this was before I moved to Oregon and began indulging in its amazing wine!
Cheers to Bucket Lists!
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