Tuesday, June 7, 2011

California Dreamin'

The thing about great weekends that are spent with great friends is that they inevitably come to an end.  And although you try to breathe in every minute of new places and experiences at some point they dissolve into not so distant memories.

This weekend was a weekend for checking off bucket list items!  Napa?  Check!

Mai Tai in San Francisco with good food and lots of laughter?  I didn't really know it was on my bucket list but it got added - and checked off - kind of like those items that I add to my to-do list during the week after I've already done them so the ever growing list seems a little more in reach!
Walking and driving around a city trying to figure out exactly how we could reenact episodes of Full House... Check!

But in the end we are welcomed back home to a whole different kind of list.  One that reminds us that we won't be in these parts much longer but then I suppose there are bucket list items to be checked off everywhere if we remember to look!
Criteria for a new house / condo / apt.
My secret to getting through condo searching. 
I'll never tell how full this was before I moved to Oregon and began indulging in its amazing wine!
Cheers to Bucket Lists!

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