Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting to Where You’re Going.

The open road!
Andy and I are as different as we are alike in almost all areas of our life. The title of this blog is only one example of that. I sit at my computer all day and earn a living through the creative execution of ideas and he works through process issues for a large organization with a unique combination of engineer and legal strategy. 
Goodbye Oregon Coast!

My clothes are usually strewn across a hotel room in chaos while Andy’s military training is always at its best in the form of perfectly packed luggage and efficiently rolled clothing. But, as I said, we are as alike as we are different.

Someone wise once said; same information, same values, same conclusion. And so we hit the road with the same information; 3800 miles to travel. The same values; enjoy the journey while getting to the destination. And eventually we got to the same conclusion; Melbourne, Fl. But, friends, this trip was not without pause.

California outside of Yosemite.

Andy in Yosemite

We paused for a trip to urgent care after Andy discovered an infection on his hand from fishing. We paused while traveling through a scary route in Nevada {picture a scene from a horror movie!}. We paused for a dented drive shaft and cracked housing unit between the transfer case and transmission. {And I paused while paying for that incident!} Just to name a few…

See that faint road in the middle of the picture?  Yeah, we traveled that twice.  Now picture it in the dark!

Zion National Park.

Lake Powell, UT
But something happens between where you are and where you are going. For us that something was “truck dance parties” and a simple realization that it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react. From the smallest bumps in the road to the largest twists and turns, we all have the power to control how we ebb and flow with what life hands us. And though our issues weren’t life-shattering, they reminded us how blessed we are to be on this road together {with all each others' good and bad} and we were thankful to take the time to fully experience it.

A broken truck in Flagstaff, AZ.

Santa Fe, NM
And so our differences served us well in all of our situations but so did our likeness. And today while sitting in our new home we value the champagne we brought from Oregon and the toast to where we have been and all the places we are going.

Cheers to a long and windy road!

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