Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Other Shoe

We spent last weekend in Iowa and it was such a great weekend that my husband delayed his return to Florida.  We enjoyed a day unlike one since our wedding - surrounded by every one of our brothers, sisters, parents, nieces and nephews.  Amongst friends and family – and beautiful weather, gorgeous trees and color all around – the smile on my husband’s face was more genuine and my contentment more obvious.

Oh, Iowa, you really were convincing us to move back, weren't you?
But the air was full of change.  The colors in the trees were a constant reminder that days can’t stay like this forever.  Eventually we have to board a plane back to our home and the joy that we felt can only continue on as memories.  And it’s in these moments that a character flaw reveals itself.  I have a hard time shaking the feeling that says one day soon the other shoe will drop.  That life can't really be this great and that something must certainly be around the corner.

And drop it sometimes does – friends lose jobs, partners, loves and lives that they were certain they were going to lead.  Family moves far away making these days more infrequent.  But I'm learning the secret is that life just wants to remind us that “it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react.”

So, change is on the horizon for the Forsyth / Wendling / Caley clan.  See if you can spot one change that I am welcoming with open arms below.  And if you spot it, FYI she is 16 weeks and still asking to keep it quiet on Facebook!

*I did a heinous job of recording this weekend in photographs so I apologize.  I think I was too drunk on joy!

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