Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pursuing Optimism.

Apparently there is some legal definition out there about pessimism.  It seems to be one of those things that really stood out to Mr. Wendling in law school.  He still reminds me that next to this definition (my simple summarization); “the thought that if things are bad, they will continue to be bad,” my picture should have been tacked to that ridiculously expensive law book.  And said husband makes a good point. I do often think like this; “Awww Thursdays are awful therefore Thursdays shall remain awful until the end of time because they aren’t hump day and they are definitely not Friday!”

But, I’m trying to change my ways because I’d like to get my face next to something way cooler in a law book.  And I’ll let you know what that might be once I figure it out.

So, here I go pursuing optimism...

The Monday after a four day weekend doesn’t suck.  It’s just a reminder of how nice it is to have relaxing days off!

Running a half-marathon is awesome even if you did run it in exactly two hours.  Be thankful that you pushed it that last mile rather than wishing you pushed it even harder to run it in under two hours!  After all, it was a personal best and you did get this sweet medal…

Thanksgiving is glorious.  The food, the wine, the lack of guilt in consuming three days worth of calories in just a few hours.  We kept it pretty low-key this year.  With our sights set on the running we have been doing, we looked up a few recipes in Cooking Light and had great results.

The reflection of me through my husband’s eyes is something to be thankful for even when it isn’t the super skinny, tan, perfect reflection we all wish for.  It's one of those things that continues to make me thankful for the life I lead.  It’s the power of the relationships we surround ourselves with that allows us to be our best selves.
And as I reflect on this last holiday we’ll spend away from our friends and family, I treasure my young marriage and this quiet time we have together.  I am thankful for the days that he points out my pessimism as much as I am thankful for the days that he points to my overbearing need to continue to grow as a personal strength.
On Saturday, we got up to watch NASA launch a ROVER to Mars.  It will take this thing 8 1/2 months to reach its destination.   I can't help but wonder where our lives will take us in that amount of time!

NASA Launches Sophisticated Rover on Journey to Mars.


  1. Love it! Amanda...what a great post. It's exactly what i needed to read today. Scott and i did our "Dream Boards" the other day and that's one of the things it is about...focusing on the positive and what you want to get out of life.

    You continue to inspire me as young professional and friend...thanks for being you:)

  2. So happy I started following your blogs! They are so wonderful. How cool you got to see the Rover take off. Happy holiday season to you and Andy!


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