Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?

I’m not sure why the turtles down here in Florida are always crossing the road - probably because the grass is greener over there.  Either way these Melbourne resident turtles are crossing roads safely all over town thanks to the careful hands of Andy!  I have witnessed Andy stop in the middle of a run to direct a bit of traffic before carefully picking up a scared turtle - who inevitable hides out in his shell for a short while – and carry it across the road before placing it ever so slightly on a safer route… more than once.

The first time I watched this scene play out, I wondered if the turtle thought he figured out how to fly.  We both laughed and continued our run.  The second time, I didn’t say a word, I just smiled.  Because the scene played out at about mile 17.5 on a particularly difficult 18 mile run.  I had been that poor turtle, trying desperately to head to the side of the street where the grass was greener, our entire run.  And true to his character, Andy picked me up – with quiet encouragement – and got me exactly where I wanted to go – the finish line!

It’s this scene that melts my heart when I think about our marriage especially as we approach the second anniversary of our engagement.  It’s this kind spirit who picks me up that will someday soon pick up another niece or nephew and softly guide their journey.  And if we are so lucky, I know that he will guide our own little ones someday teaching them exactly what it feels like to fly.

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