Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth!

I just read an awesome piece about a girl who set out to run 1,000 miles in a year.  I think she’s a good writer and that’s a cool goal.

But, my knee is messed up.  Training for the marathon has caused me some concern that I may have finally done some damage.  It started hurting in 2009 and now three half-marathons and one full later, I’m trying to get it checked out.  And, because I have awesome luck that leaves me tumbling during almost every great fete I look to accomplish, the doctor has cancelled on me not once but twice. (I'm looking for a new doctor!)

I also read this great blog the other day.  It was refreshing because although I love a good stop at blogs like Kelle Hampton’s, most blogs do have a tendency to sugar coat things.  

So, to jump on the candid bandwagon, I also don’t have the perfect marriage.  I caution you to ask us about house hunting.  Somewhere between joking about peoples’ d├ęcor choices, realtors’ ability to take photos of homes and our complete opposite approaches to tasks such as this, we are no closer than when we started six months ago.  I dare you to ask about the house that is out of our budget but Andy was dead set on one night because it had an office outside of a wet bar that he thought would be a fun place to fake fire people.  Yes, you read that right.  He wanted to call them in to his office, through the french doors, and do his best Donald Trump - you're fired!

And, like the real $herdog, my house is usually a mess and I’m awkward and I’m often insecure about our future – because we have a pile of student loan debt that is a REALLY nice mortgage.  Nicer than any mortgage we will be able to afford thanks to it.
But, I agree that we come to these places, these blogs, to focus.  To write about our journey and sometimes we glean inspiration, comfort or a small laugh from the stories of others.

So, our wonderfully imperfect journey had us experiencing the happiest place on earth recently.  We experienced Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the weekend of the marathon and Epcot and Universal Studios the following weekend with Andy’s parents.

A few photos…

Rock n Roller Coaster!
I LOVE totem poles

Andy's happiest place on earth - inside a Camaro.

And Canada!

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