Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Bid Adieu to 2011!

We touched back down in Florida very late on the first of January and let out a sigh of relief while simultaneously already longing for the comfort of Iowa.  It’s no secret that Florida has been a very different experience than the one we had in Oregon and, after consuming our lives with the laughter of family and friends for 10 days straight, the flat, swampy land of Florida felt very foreign.

But, it was a foreign experience to get kicked just by touching my sister’s growing belly.  Every minute of our day scheduled out wasn’t brand new but it is far from familiar these days.  And it was invigorating to the see the joy of Christmas morning through our nieces’ eyes as they bounced with excitement while opening their gifts!  So, I have to admit that these foreign experiences - even those provided by Florida - provide just as much clarity on who we are and want to be as the ones that are oh, so familiar. 

Andy trying to get kicked!
Xmas Morning!
So, as we bid adieu to 2011 – a year that brought us a new state, a cross-country adventure, a first anniversary, a new home, trips to places we had never been and new jobs – we toast to the foreign and to the familiar. 

Maggie's gift to my parents turned out GREAT!
May we welcome 2012 and all that it has in store for us with open arms!


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