Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As we look ahead at a few months that are filled to the brim with travel plans, I have been fully appreciating my time at home the last few days. Home has been a consistent theme in my life in recent months.  Overall, it's been a strange concept for me these last few years. 

Sometimes it has a lot to do with the actual walls we live in and sometimes it has way more to do with where we are in life.  The whole concept is made fuzzier when Andy and I utter the words; "we're heading home."  (I truly think no one really knows if we mean we are heading to the place that holds our belongings or to Iowa - the place that has a serious hold on our hearts.)

All the while we continue to search for a house to make our home for the foreseeable future - the place where we'll build upon our current life.  And, in doing so, I can't help but acknowledge the Peter Pan inside me that doesn't want to grow up - the nagging feeling that says I should run to a million different places before settling into this next chapter. 

What I know is that life typically presents itself in the exact fashion it should.  So, while we braced ourselves for the news that we'll be staying in Florida a little longer than expected, we were presented with an awesome opportunity to make the most of it.  And, somehow, the contradicting voice of the tree that wants its leaves to blow in the wind while simultaneously putting down roots, is satisfied.

What it looks like to make travel plans at the Wendling house.
I’m so excited to have the opportunity to add to the adventures on this blog with Wyndham’s Women on their Way.  And, I'm humbled because I know I have all of you readers – ahem – voters to thank.  So, while I sketch out intricate travel plans for the next year, please know that Andy and I thank you for reading, caring, sending good vibes, forgiving my typos, soaking up our words – our good & not-so-good times – and leaving comments that help us to reflect on our travels, marriage and, well, life!

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  1. guys rock! Thanks for the great read on your life again!


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