Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Date Night

I often reflect on how thankful I am for being able to continue my career by working remotely.  I know I’m fortunate, and I'm truly grateful, but sometimes the monotonous days start to wear on me.  Every once in a while, the walls start closing in, and the next thing you know, Andy and I are in an argument about tomatoes.  Yup, we have it out over who cut-up the extra tomato in the fridge.  And, at some point in the ridiculous argument we realize that it’s time for a night out.  A date night.  Because, this just won’t do.

So, we recently left our tomato quarrels behind and headed to West Palm Beach.  We discovered this area a few months ago, and really enjoy planning special nights down there.  For one, there are great restaurants, and many stores we don’t have access to in Melbourne, but we also enjoy the drive time so we can either sing loudly to Zac Brown Band or hash out whatever is going on between the two of us.  {Confession, I cut up the extra tomato!}

We started this particular night at City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill.  We like to stop here for happy hour because of their extensive wine list and two for one special.  On this particular night we enjoyed glasses of Van Duzer and David Bruce Pinot Noir as well as a glass of Stag’s Leap “Hands of Time.”  And, we’d recommend them all.

Somewhere between strolling through shops, chats, and a few tears, we got back to a place that will "do."  I suppose this place is different for everyone, and the scenarios that shine light on just how out of sync we may be are different as well.  But, I believe in taking the time to find this place.  I believe that life should be lived in this place of synergy with each other, and with ourselves. 


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