Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snowy Roads.

I have a reoccurring dream that I’m standing at a starting line of a race and my legs won’t move.  And, another one where I’m driving a car and the brakes won’t work.  These dreams can only leave me to surmise that I’m typically somewhere between not being able to move and unable to stop. 
I’ve written a lot about traveling as a way of life.  Traveling through emotions.  Traveling to new destinations.  Traveling through experiences.  Seeing the good, understanding the negative, and keeping perspective toward the mundane.  But, when patience is tested, when the road is less exciting, and it’s an icy up-hill, it’s easier said than done.  Actually, it’s hard to even say it.  It’s easier to just maintain silence. 

It’s been a journey full of snowy roads lately.  And, they are pretty.  In retrospect, of course.  When we’re on them, they are scary.  The slipping, the sliding and the wheels turning with no apparent forward motion.  And, we’ve all been there.  Even those of us who have lived in sunnier climates, we too have had those slippery days.  Those scary moments.

But, oh, the retrospection.  It’s through this we realize that our seemingly futile attempts to gain traction actually work.  The spinning tires are a good thing, despite the frustration.  And, somewhere between unable to move or stop, you find a route you didn’t know you would take.  It too is pretty.  In retrospect.

Cheers to snowy roads {and analogies!}.

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