Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Third Anniversary!

Almost ten years ago, I walked up to a guy at a tailgate and asked for a brat.  Or, I walked up to his friend and asked him for a brat.  Or, I met said guy at a previous tailgate that I don’t quite recall because I had way too much fun in college.  Regardless, there was a brat, and a tailgate, and a guy, and now there is a life that I’m in awe of.  And, I mean that last statement (I also mean everything I said in regard to brats).  There is awe – an overwhelming mix of emotion of reverence, respect, dread and absolute wonder.

What that girl in the little skirt didn’t know when she was seeking a brat was that she’d find a partner.  And, that’s what has been revealed in our third year of marriage.  A partnership unlike any other that I have ever experienced.  Because, with awe and partnership comes the fear of all that is planned and the monsoon of things that are unplanned.  

We planned for much of the past year – to buy our firsthome, to move back to Iowa and to continue seeking adventure.  But, some of the last year has been consumed with things that we hadn’t planned as well.  And, through it all we’ve done what true partners do in the simplest terms – we’ve shared.  We haven’t been perfect, but we’ve shared.  We’ve shared enough respect to give each other space, and we’ve shared the courage it takes to look at the other person and say, “shit just got real!”  Because that statement both gives credit to serious situations, and keeps enough humor in them as well!

But, even when “shit is getting real,” I have to admit that our life is beautiful.  And that beauty has shown through even in the shittiest of times – throughout the past year and beyond.

Our life isn’t perfect.  We haven’t checked every box on our to-do list and some may remain unchecked when the deadline hits.  But, we are blessed because we are continuing to choose to share this awesome journey as partners.

Happy Anniversary!

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