Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Running Tired

I saw a post the other day from a friend commenting about how much easier it is to run in the spring and fall.  The lack of humidity enables all of us runners to enjoy the journey a little more as we breathe, easier, move easier and think easier.  But, in running – and elsewhere – it’s important to learn to run with the humidity.  

I admit that I’ve been running tired lately.  Not just in my sports bra and tennis shoes but elsewhere in my life too.  It’s during this time that I’m always reminded of my high school track career.   In high school I ran the 800.  I wasn't the best but I was consistently okay.  And by consistently, I mean I ran the 800 in two minutes and forty-four seconds five (or more) races in a row. 

I trained hard.  And, I was determined to experience a breakthrough in how fast I was running.  When spring break rolled around, I even headed to Florida with my girlfriends and packed a list of workouts from my coach in my suitcase.  I’d get up and run while my friends were all still asleep.

When I returned from spring break, I was sure that I would start knocking the time off but instead I ran the 800 in two minutes and forty-four seconds, again!  I was frustrated but instead of giving up, I kept running and kept training.

I hit the start line for my last race of the season with more butterflies in my stomach than ever and I crossed the finish line feeling like I left everything I had on the track.  As I walked toward my coach, I could hear him yelling “two forty-four” which stopped me in my tracks.   To my surprise, what he was yelling at me was not two minutes and forty-four seconds but rather two minutes and forty POINT four seconds. 

I think around every corner that we run tired is a triumph – a breakthrough.  I believe the humid days enable us to enjoy the cool morning runs when breathing is easy.  And, I'm looking forward to that triumph soon after many days of running tired!

Triumph did follow disguised as the coldest Bix7 in history.  A picture-perfect running day!

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