Monday, October 23, 2017

How Big is Your Brave?

My three year old daughter’s favorite song right now is Brave by Sara Bareilles. This is adorable by most anyone’s standard, but is made even more adorable when she watches the music video and tells me;

            "She’s pointing right at me, Mom, she wants to see ME be brave.

And, it’s equal parts adorable and terrifying when her and her brother yell at me; “Show me… HOW BIG YOUR BRAVE IS!”

Maybe it’s the yelling that made it sink in. Or the repetition. But I’m going to show them, how big my brave is!

I quit my job.

Yup, you know that job I’ve loved for over six years? I stopped loving it. Slowly. It started with some cracks and continued until it was a full fracture. If I’m honest, I was a little broken too. I stopped being my best self. I got burnt out. I lost some confidence along the way.

And, sometimes, when something is fractured, you just need to break it in order to put it back together. So, I broke it. I made the decision to leap without 100% certainty regarding where I’ll land.

Was I scared?
Yup, terrified. I saw 3:00 am with my brain running a million miles an hour more than I cared to.

Did I have some good leads?
Yes!! Some really crazy, exciting ones and others that put me through the ringer.

Am I excited?
Absof*ckinglutely! I’m excited and energized for the first time professionally in a long while.

I’ve kept this news to myself for a few months and have spent this time reflecting. The time has been a gift. I’ve been running again. Hanging with the kids. Deep cleaning my house. Painting. And thinking hard about what’s best for me. What’s best for my family. And, hopefully soon, I’ll get back to my best self.

So, more to come about what I’ve learned about myself and what's next in my professional life. In the meantime... show me, how big your brave is!


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