Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Front Row

This picture was snapped of a group at a recent event for my talented friend’s book launch. And, I keep coming back to it.

I’m 35. You guys know that. I wrote about it here.

At 35 I’m starting to understand exactly who I am. And, might I say this picture very well may define it.


Last week another dear friend was speaking at a women’s luncheon. This friend’s bravery is quite astounding. She shares her story to spread light and love. But her story is scary and vulnerable. As so many of ours are when we are telling the truth.

She asked if we’d sit up front. Us friends. Right where she could see our smiles and knowing nods.

So we did. Or, we tried our best. We sat right by the screen.

Turns out when the speaking began, the screen was in fact as far back in the room as one could get. We were disoriented by our excitement.

So, we scarfed our food down and rushed to the front. Causing a bit of a scene, maybe, but hell-bent on being in the front row for our girl.


I hope that’s who I am. The girl in the front row for the people I care about. Trying my best. Smiling. Giving them knowing nods. Causing a scene, disoriented by my excitement, and eating a cookie. 

Image may contain: 12 people, including Nate Klein, Amanda Wendling and Emily Flowergarden, people smiling, people standing
Photo by Ed Kempf
Cheers, my friends!

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