About Me.

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Let me introduce myself. I am Amanda– a wife, marketing director, friend, writer, runner, sister, mom and full-time juggler. Because, between all the different roles, it’s hard not to be.

Let me explain myself a bit. The other day I was doing my morning routine. Are you a mom? Yes? Then, you know the routine...

Get up. Jump in the shower. Hear the baby start to rustle through the video monitor. Make quick decision to rush the shower and wear a "cute ponytail" (is that a thing?). Finish shower and feel accomplished. Nurse the baby. Feel like Super Mom for one and half seconds before the toddler starts to scurry around in her bed and ask for Dad. Shoot, Dad’s already at work. Mentally prepare for a meltdown.

To keep a long story short, in the next 45 minutes I somehow manage to slap some makeup on, feed myself and my toddler, clean my pump parts and bottles, pack diapers, milk and wipes for daycare, check email, dress myself and two other humans, sing jingle bells five times (in April) and make it to work only 20 minutes late... with poop on my pants.

You see, I'm the mom of two littles who are 17 months apart. My oldest is Nora – a highly opinionated little lady who prefers to sit at the head of tables and asks for coffee each morning (disclaimer, we give her a fake Fisher Price coffee cup to curb the craving). 

My youngest is Weston – a ray of sunshine who loves to pull his sister’s hair, jump off things head first and has a smile as big as the sun. 

My husband, Andy, also has a busy career. We can regularly be found comparing calendars at 6:00 in the morning when one of our littles is inevitably feeling under the weather. 

I love my life as a juggler, but it’s not without its challenges. You can bet that balls drop. Every. Single. Day. I look forward to exploring the challenges of the everyday with all of you. Until then, I’ll be cleaning the poo off my pants!


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