Friday, April 23, 2010

A Blog is Born!

It is with much excitement and an ounce of uncertainty that we announce the Iowa City location of the Amandy Inn will be closing in July 2010. Andy will begin a job with Rockwell Collins on Monday, August 16th thus opening our new location in Portland, Oregon.

Although we knew this was a possibility, Andy and I both share the emotions of excitement and nervous energy. I am humbled by the discussions between TrueNorth and me around evolving my current position into one that works full-time on a remote basis in Portland. I am excited about those possibilities but I have to admit that there is this nagging in the back of my brain that keeps saying “Nike is in Portland, Nike is in Portland.” Anyone have a friend in the Nike marketing department?

Andy is extremely excited to begin his career and see where this new adventure takes him – step one, pass the bar!

So, our blog is born. We plan to take our time in the weeks leading up to August 16th to move out there, seeing as much of the country on our way that we can. We will write and photograph our many adventures to keep our family and friends back here at home, up to date.

As we begin this next chapter of our lives – a new marriage, career and town – we want to thank you all for your love and support. It is only because of you that we will be able to survive all of this!!

Don’t forget to book your stay at the new location of the Amandy Inn soon – sounds like it is booking up quickly!

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  1. Hello Mmandee, This is a great idea. I've already subscribed. Look forward to your future posts!


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