Thursday, April 23, 2020

To the new owners of our first home...

Welcome home!

I hope you find this note as you unpack your things. Maybe the walls feel a bit foreign to you right now, but I promise you that in no time they’ll become familiar. At least they did for us.

We moved into this house after moving around for several years. Iowa to Oregon to Florida back to Iowa. This was the first house we bought. When we finally found our way to it, it quickly became our home.

We moved in just over two years after we got married. The plan was to move “home” and begin our family. But you know what they say about plans.

We struggled for the next two years with infertility. These walls, they know pain.

We decided to embark on the long journey of IVF. And, these walls watched as those plans got broken by two faint lines that showed up while we sat in disbelief. These walls, they know surprise.

These walls saw us bring our baby girl home. One of the most beautiful days of my life occurred within these walls. We sat and cuddled our new baby all day. These walls, they know gratitude!

Eight months later, these walls witnessed more tears. We saw two more faint lines (right as we were getting this whole parenting thing figured out). Yup, a little boy was making his presence known.

These walls saw us bring a second baby home just nine months later. And they watched as we not-so-quickly adjusted to becoming a family of four. These walls saw us way too many times in the middle of the night. Rocking. Walking. Crying. Feeding. Questioning. Sleeping. Waking. Re-waking… All in the name of helping our sweet boy through what turned out to be a food allergy that was discovered two years later. These walls, they know comfort.

These walls saw our boy get healthy. They know the girl’s sass and so many timeouts. They know laughter. They know holidays and celebrations. They know dance parties and learning to read. They know way too much about cars and super heroes and Disney singing performances and wine and late nights. They know first-steps and new jobs. They know the stories of countless friends and family. They know big decisions and just a few arguments. They know two people who slowly brought to life those plans they envisioned all those years ago.  

Above all else, these walls know love. We are so happy to share that love with you.

These walls, they hold our memories. I hope you enjoy making your own now as much as we did.

Welcome home!

Friday, April 3, 2020

What I Know Right Now.

I’ve always loved Oprah’s column in her magazine; “What I Know For Sure…”.

But, right now, I’m not sure I know anything for sure.

So, here are some things I know right now.

My kids eat a lot. I told Weston he was going to grow a foot while he was home and he was excited to get a third foot. He thinks he’ll run faster with an extra one. I didn’t correct him.

I believe in the separation of work and home. I got an email the other day, read it, got angry, and then Nora asked to take a nap. I was hot, sweating and barely able to focus on the story I was reading. It sucked. I pride myself on showing up for my work when I’m there and my home when I’m here. I'm trying to navigate these blurred lines. 

I like my husband. He’s a really good partner. And, he’s funny. And, handsome. I’m glad he’s the one I chose to do life with. I didn’t know life would include something called “social distancing” but it sure makes clear what a good decision I made almost exactly ten years ago.

My son is really good at puzzles, and my daughter can, in fact, play on her own! Because, the kids they are alright. These little people are learning tough lessons. And, maybe unlike their mama, they’re doing it with grace. I have a feeling their generation will be at least partially defined by this pandemic. They’ll know what lotion is best for cracked hands and will tell you something about resilience too.

We can do hard things, but maybe not easy things simultaneously. I spelled my name wrong the other day and sent more emails without attachments than I care to admit. Because, we can do hard things – like handle anxiety and uncertainty and decipher stimulus bills – but we can’t do easy things at the same time. Let’s cut each other some slack.

I like my Cabernet heavy on the oak. I said it.  

We need each other. The bright spots in each of these days are from friends who reach out. Some with words, others with scones, and still others with condos for your family to live in while you’re in between homes. Yes, we are apart right now, but we have this shared experience. There’s magic in that.

Hang in there, friends.
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