Thursday, April 14, 2011


I know that someday we won't be able to wake up when we want to on the weekends - no alarm clock, nothing to do, just rise when our eyes open - and turn to each other to say "what should we do today?"  So, we savor these times and usually it sounds something like this:

"Let's get a cup of coffee somewhere new" or
"Let's find a winery to love" or
"Let's drive until we see something we've never seen before" or
"Let's find Ashley a new house!" or
"Let's curl up all day with books" or
"Let's find a house, a lot and a place for the Pentagon to retire!" or
"Let's go have a beer"

So, we pack up our "let's" and hit the road.  This past weekend it looked something like this:

New Views

Essential reading.
FINALLY!  A new house for Ashley!  Look at that beauty!

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