Monday, May 30, 2011

One year.

We are no marriage experts but we’re building our resume, that’s for sure.  Our objective?  A good enough marriage.  Experience?  366 days.

Our education?  Great role models.

An executive summary:  I think we’ve learned that marriage is about whatever we want it to be about. We’ve learned that we make the rules in this agreement and that all things are negotiable. Somedays this marriage is about one person taking a back seat and the other stepping up to be the driving force and some days it’s about walking together in stride and still others it’s about our individual journeys. We have created this unit that is bigger than we are individually and we continue to define the parameters. In short, its fluid and somedays it looks like this:

But other days it looks like this:

The fine print:  Happy Birthday, Andy, Great visits with Mom, Dad, Uncle Mark, Mary Anne & Crew and, of course, Happy First Anniversary!

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