Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making a House a Home.

Our new house.
We have moved twice now to houses that we had only previously viewed online. Andy and I talked recently about the weird feeling that ensues when you get to town, with a key in tow, and start driving to this place that you will make your home.

This time, we bypassed our house to go to the ocean and then back-tracked to see if our new house did, in fact, exist. The walk-through starts with a sprint to the door and an immediate sigh of relief when the key unlocks said door. And it proceeds with a strange feeling. The empty walls and rooms will hold our memories for the next year and yet they look so foreign.

So, we started the week. Me. Andy. Clothes. An air mattress.

Andy making our house a home :)!
And we ended it with all of our belongings in most of their new places. It's starting to feel less like a house and more like a home. Which got me thinking about what it is exactly that makes a house a home. Is it putting your spin on the walls around you and filling them with belongings that remind of where you’ve been? Or is it that you gradually make memories – laugh for the first time in new walls and – let’s be honest – cry for the first time as well.

My Office.

My "other" office!
But if home is where we laugh and cry than I have many homes.  So, I think home is where we lay our heads each night and has more to do with the people that help us to feel comfortable in our skin than the things that surround us. 

Dining Room.  Sometime, ask us the story about Imperial IPA and furniture shopping.

This guy {and his friends} are a gift with purchase at our new place!
Our backyard :)

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