Sunday, March 4, 2012

Don't Stop Believing!

Our 90 degree weather screamed beach day this weekend!
I am currently in physical therapy for an IT band issue in my knee brought on by running.  My physical therapist, Patrick, brought to light an interesting point that went like this:

"Amanda, did you finish that marathon?"

Me, excitedly;  "Yes!!"

"What was your time?"


"So, you're a decent runner with absolutely no leg strength?"

{Insert embarrassed silence.}

"I can only imagine the tenacity with which you go after things.  But, Amanda, we are going to have to strengthen your legs before you run another race!"

You see, my tenacity is a double edged sword.  I do often achieve the things I go after but sometimes the road doesn't look the way I want it to and my disappointment can be palpable.  So, I'm in strengthening mode.  I am learning some lessons about giving up things in the short-term for long-term gain.  My muscles - be them legs or heart - often shake at the end of tough exercises.

I'm slowing down and enjoying the now - the strengthening.  I am packing PB sandwiches, a sheet, some fruit, and meeting Andy at the door for an impromptu beach picnic on a Thursday night.  (The menu?  Hey, it's what we had on hand!)   I am taking deep breaths when I need to readjust and heading to Starbucks to invent a new plan.  And I'm pouring energy into celebrating the great things and people around us.

I sometimes buy MP3's off Amazon when working on different projects for my job.  I have been known to use the A-Team theme song and Right Now by Van Halen to energize accountants.  Effective?  Honestly, I'm not sure!

The intuitive website recently sent me an email explaining that I may be interested in Journey's Don't Stop Believing.

You know what, Amazon?  I am interested! 

Finally, if you continue to feel compelled, please vote for me to be a featured blogger for Wyndham's Women on their Way.  You can vote once a day until March 31.  Click here to vote.


  1. I voted for you in that contest! I love your writing and the adventures you are taking. Very inspiring!

  2. Thanks for voting, Laura! And please keep reading. There are always more adventures to be had!


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