Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Letter to the Little Man

Dear Baby Boy,
You’re so close to officially joining our family and we are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Your dad and I are curious about what you will look like, what your personality will be and if your sister will ever let you wear clothes (as she refuses to let her “baby brother doll” do). And, you, I’m sure have your own plans… to keep up the kicking and punching outside of the womb, to sleep soundly through the night at 1 week old (right?) and, ultimately, make our family complete.

But, let me tell you what a ride we’ve already been on.

You chose to make your presence known when we barely had this whole parenting thing down, and during the most challenging phase of my career, so far. And, buddy, I was scared! But you knew what you were doing all along. The thing I’ve learned about parenting is that you little people teach us bigger people far more than we could ever teach you.

I believe you came to us to make our family complete, yes, but also to reinforce the importance of balance. You’ve put in long hours with me – and kicked the computer off my belly multiple times! You’ve been a constant reminder that while work and ambition is admirable, there is plenty more to life than the success we may find at the office. You have forced me to pause. You have required true prioritization of my time and energy. And, you’ve helped me laugh and shrug when things aren’t in accordance to my plans. 

So, little buddy, thank you. Thanks for showing up when I didn’t know I needed you. Thanks for being ours! I promise that the chaos we will welcome you into, is a good chaos. And, I swear we will try our very best to teach your sister what “gentle” means.

You and me, buddy!

Your flawed mama

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