Thursday, May 6, 2010

The End. Well, almost!

As I type this, Andy is working his way through his last law school final exam. I'm sure that there are hundreds of other law school girlfriends, boyfriends, fiances, wives and husbands scattered across the country who are sharing in this sigh of relief with me. But I can't help but think back on our long journey.

Five years ago, on Story Street in Ames, I screamed with Andy in excitement as we found out he was admitted into law school. Since then Andy has started law school, deployed to Iraq, re-started law school, adjusted to life at home, passed tests, turned thirty, interviewed, received a few rejection letters, got engaged and landed an opportunity of a lifetime (separate from the engagement, of course!). In addition, we both have learned a lot about ourselves and each other.

I remember during his second semester, shortly after I moved in with him, sleeping, literally three feet from the tap, tap, tap of his keyboard, as he pulled all-nighters to finish those writing assignments. I'd love to say those long nights are over but I know that we will both continue to lose sleep in the months ahead as he prepares for the bar.

For now, I personally, want to congratulate Andy on a job incredibly well-done. I'm not sure that we would have ever predicted that at the end of all this you would not in fact be heading out to practice law. But I, for one, feel more confident in our future together now than I ever have before. Thank you for choosing me to embark on this journey with you - we have quite a ride left in front of us!

In closing, I am fully prepared for you to look like this, this evening with about 27 years on you! :)

Congrats, Andy!!

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