Saturday, May 15, 2010

Juris Doctorate

He did it!! Yesterday, we had the privilege of attending the University of Iowa College of Law's Commencement Ceremony. I have to say that I enjoyed reflecting on the achievement with so many friends and family. The student speaker did a phenomenal job of describing what the experience feels like as you go from the top of your under-graduate class to the bottom of a class full of over achievers.

Andy and I actually started celebrating on Thursday evening by going to dinner - just the two of us - to Cafe Dodici in Washington, Iowa. This is one of our favorite little discoveries we have made since living in Iowa City. We enjoyed the time as a couple with little to worry about besides which bottle of wine to order :)!

Each graduate was limited to only 4 tickets to the actual commencement ceremony on Friday afternoon, so Andy's parents and I attended and cheered Andy on as he was hooded a "doctor of the law." After the ceremony, we met my parents at the Saloon to toast Andy's achievement and enjoy good food, drinks and family.

Ryan and Shay were able to head down after work and meet us out later in the evening to continue the celebration with family and more friends. Andy and I are blessed to have made such good friends in the last few years with his classmates and they have become an amazing support system for the two of us.

Congrats, Andy! What an amazing achievement for us to be celebrating. I have a feeling the rest of the this month will be full of more of the same... family, friends, good food and drinks! We are so lucky!

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