Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ok, I can't claim this post as my own.  I have to give props to Kelle Hampton because I initially set out to discuss how I wanted the status quo for 2011.  I wanted my life to keep building on what 2010 gave me, I wanted all that I have and if nothing could change then that's ok.  But, her words changed that.

She reminded me that I became more this year- and her words sure made me smaller.  But, I did become a wife (must officially change my name this year!).  I became my own family.  And as long and as hard as I have thought about what I want for 2011, what I really want is the status quo. But, at that same time I can't be scared of what is to come in 2011.

On the day of our wedding, I promised Andy a 'good enough marriage.' Because I had read that in psychiatry, the term 'good-enough parent' describes one who loves their child well enough for him to grow into an emotionally healthy adult. The goal is mental health, defined as the fortitude and flexibility to live one's own life in pursuit of constant growth - not happiness.

My thought was that if we could build a 'good enough marriage' - one that allows us to keep growing and affords us the strength and bravery required to face the world - the happiness would surely follow.

So, in 2011 I hope to continue the growth that exists in our marriage and our life today.

May we all have more...




And a few more things that I have no words for.

Ok, there's just one.  But, it's a good reminder for me to not be scared to build on the momentum established in 2010 while welcoming the ups and downs that will come our way.  So, here's to our "good enough" life!


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