Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rainy Days of Portland

For the most part this blog has been about celebrating the sunshine and rainbows that we have found in and around Portland.  (And by sunshine and rainbows, I mean beer and wine!)  But there are times of rain here too - not like downpours with crashing thunder and exploding lightning - but droplets here and there.  And the reality of any life, any marriage and any person is that before the rainbow some rain must fall.

So, our rain lately has been about how to juggle two career-minded individuals' schedules, ambitions, dreams and a sum of student loan debt that looks more like the mortgage attached to a McMansion.  We keep trucking along remembering to check-in with each other, ensuring it's not raining harder in one person's world than the others.  And at times like these it's nice to draw upon previous rainbows and soak up the sunshine as it continues to appear!

This is only part of the table from this evening and I took the photo so I could remember the moment because in the background Dido was singing "...And I want to thank you for giving me the best days of my life!" 
Great night with family and good friends!
A lot of sunshine in this one!

And when all else fails....
What do your rainy days looks like and how do you ensure sunshine is around the corner?

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