Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Final Countdown #3

#5:  Vancouver, BC
Ok, this isn't Portland, Oregon or even the USA for that matter but I loved that Portland was so close to these cool destinations that were so different from anywhere we'd been before.  I loved that while we lived here we could say, "what do we want to do this weekend?" and Vancouver {or other close destinations} could be our answer.  Plus, they lit the Olympic Torch in my honor so they earned their spot on my coveted list!

#4:  The Neighborhoods
From The Pearl to Nob Hill to Multnomah Village to SE Hawthorne to Mississippi - there is no shortage of food, beer, coffee, shopping and weird in Portland.  And we did our best to experience it ALL.  There are a lot of favorite "places" in these neighborhoods but more than anything I grew to love the overall Portland vibe. 

So many things to say about this photo but a great example of the Portland vibe!

#3:  Food.
A few of our favorite restaurants out here:

#2:  Sharing This Place!
One big lesson that we've learned while being a plane ride away from "home," is that it truly isn't where you are but who you're with.  It's cliche, I know, but it's always that much more fun when we can share the interesting things we find with the people we love.  And, because, our family and friends love us so much we were able to share a lot with them on many visits from "home!"

#1: Our Time.
I've said it a lot throughout the last year but there is no way that I would have rather spent my first year of marriage than across the country with only my husband.  There are truly no words to describe how much fun it has been to have this time to build our family and our relationship.  When we both talked through our countdown this was BOTH of our number one reason for loving Portland.  My mom used to always tell me to "bloom where I am planted" and I would say that we have lived that fully in Portland, OR!

This is our ad for Oregon... the photo makes me laugh {what are we looking at?}!

We'll see you on the road this week.  Coast to coast udpates coming soon!

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