Friday, July 1, 2011

In Love.

I've fallen in love before in my life but never like this.  I love a city.  A rainy dreary city.  It brings me weird highs - like the other day we could see Mt. Hood, Mt. St Helens and Mt. Adams all from our neighborhood.  I was so high, I needed more immediately - "Andy, circle the block again!"  So high that I couldn't remember to take a picture.

When people come to visit I'm annoying and I know it.  I say ridiculous things like "my town neighbors the town where Nike is, can you believe that?"  No one is ever as impressed as I am.  I joke that I take my computer just outside their campus when I'm short of ideas because I'm certain marketing ideas float through the air surrounding that place.  Few people think the joke is as funny as I do.

But when you're in love you want to share it, you want to spread the euphoric feeling and we did just that this last week with a visit from Andy's parents. 

We showed them the wine, the beer, the food, the Gorge, the mountains, Canada (because Portland is so close that you can just make a quick trip there!) and more wine and beer and food and views!

In the end love comes your way when you're ready for it and the truth is that maybe I love this place because I love my life and the love is just contagious!  (I promise to not be on such a high for my next post but at least I'm not so strug this week!)

And last but certainly not least... The designated area to pick your nose in Canada.... or a shhhh sign :)!

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