Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures in Napa

We wrapped up our San Francisco and Napa adventures with a few more stops through the Napa Valley.  We headed North to visit Von Strasser Winery.  Here, we were lucky enough to take a quick tour through their wine caves.  Hidden in the back was a large dining table surrounded by wine.  I couldn't help but day-dream about exquisite dinner parties in this cave including a mandatory rule that guests leave with a little more wobble in their step.  I'm sure these dinners exist and I'd love to be a fly on the wall at one of them.  {Actually, one time I heard a comedy routine making fun of that saying.  Because, really, when you say you'd like to be a fly on the wall at something, you're really saying that you'd like to be someone that those people trust enough to be at said event.  So, yeah, I'd like to be someone that the people at Von Strasser trust enough to come to their dinner parties.  Ohhhh, I digress...}

From there we made a quick stop at V. Sattui to grab some bread, cheese, and meat giving us the endurance to finish the day.  We made the decision to forgo tasting at this stop so we could fit in a recommendation from Tom at Whitehall Lane, and we were glad we did.  Our stop at Miner Winery was worth it.  As self-proclaimed pinot-lovers we were excited to see a few pinots on their flight. 
This is another of those small(er) wineries that is worth visiting.  Every wine we tasted was better than the one before and we walked away with a number of bottles to enjoy in the comfort of our home.

The final stop of the day was Artesa Winery.  And, what do you know, they were ready for us!

The architecture and views alone were worth the stop here and the wine was an added bonus.  We spent time with Austin who has visited every winery in Sonoma County - whoa!  The combination of Austin's knowledge, the views, and fantastic wine left us ready to return.

CHEERS, everyone!

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