Monday, May 14, 2012

Traveling Through Life.

The past few weeks have kind of been a blur.  A really awesome blur – one with rainbows and sunshine and amazing opportunities scattered within.  But, in reality, it was a blur of conferences in Vegas with accountants, conferences in San Francisco for Wyndham and an extended weekend to celebrate an early anniversary that is right around the corner.

I woke up in San Francisco, a city that I had not explored much of, at the fantastic Parc55 Hotel, grabbed some strong coffee on a stroll through town with Andy and then hiked through a park with friends in tow.  And only after we had worked up a sufficient appetite did we stop for some great food and beer at one of those cool places that seems to appear out of nowhere – The Monk’s Kettle.

Somewhere between the beer, hike and exploring, I was asked about the idea of writing about our wanderlust.  The question was whether you have to always be traveling in order to write about travel.  I answered in a way that I think I’ve always known.  We don’t always have to be boarding a plane to be writing about our travel because we are all traveling through our own lives.  Our journeys will look different and sometimes they may include the first outing with a new baby and other times they will be a literal cross-country excursion.  At times we'll walk right across the street and into a country concert while at other times the travel will be for work.  But, no matter where or when, we're all creating an account of our lives through the direction of our choosing. 

So, throw your travels into a bowl, mix them up and see what your blur looks like.  Right now I’m excited to share the colorful travels we have experienced lately from Florida to Vegas to San Francisco and back again. 

And stay tuned for some thoughts on the Napa Valley coming later this week.  As a preview...

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