Sunday, February 6, 2011


When your home is your work and your work is your home, sometimes you want to run as fast as you can away.  The walls get cluttered with your life, your projects, your torn out to-do’s and notebooks full of next steps.  So, you run – well, drive – to Canada.
I convinced my husband that it doesn’t take two full days to get mentally prepared for chicken wings on Superbowl Sunday and that we really needed to start checking things off our Northwestern Bucket List.  So, Vancouver, check!

And the Canadians welcomed us with open-arms.  They lit the Olympic Cauldron in honor of our arrival.  Well, at least they all said it was only lit for special occasions and no one could tell us what this special occasion was.  But I knew what it was.  It was a day for making dreams come true.    I still laugh out loud when I think about all of us “Barbies” picking the states we wanted to be for MORP.  Who want to dress as Utah?  
Right is a photo circa 2002!
Ok, these photos are probably highly offensive but it was early, the wind had a chill and we had the giggles. 

But we did get a little soul-restoration with the views. 

…And with the sweet things we found that sometimes only a passport can provide.

...And from a market that we literally stumbled upon that took my breath away with all its beautiful goodness.

So, we are already yearning to return and visit our friendly neighbors up north but we’re grateful for our quick escape.  The to-dos are still piling up but at least we have memories of Groupon exploration, modern design around each corner and late night conversations over carrot cake and beer!

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