Monday, July 11, 2011

I Fall Down.

Those close to me know this fact to be true.  I am clumsy.  I fall down.  Sometimes I walk around weddings for quite some time thinking I look good only to find out my dress is in my underwear and I have mooned the entire reception (yes, this is something that actually happened to me).  The weird thing about when I fall down is that I always seem to wipe out at the very moment that I'm feeling euphoric.  Ok, not the very moment, but in more general terms when things are going great, you know a fall is not far behind.  And when I say that, I kind of mean figuratively but I also mean literally.

My point... I wrote last time about how in love with this place I am.  I went on and on ad nauseum about the mountains and views and wine and beer and then I went on a hike and I fell.

It started out like this....

I would love to end this post with some inspirational message about how we all fall down sometimes.  I would love to tell you that the fall came on the way to the summit and that I kept climbing.  But the truth is I laid down on the scorned rock, took off my jacket and worked on my tan while Andy kept climbing.

I think that's ok though because I'm still just a hiker in training and every bit of a journey, even the falls, can provide a bit of perspective.

Ok, it ended like this... 
How mad am I?  I am also 100% certain the guy behind me thinks I'm an AWFUL hiker!

Me and my war wound!

Finally, we are loading up and leaving this joint in 19 days and we have decided to do a Top 10 Favorite Things in Oregon List on the blog so stay tuned.  I can't make too many promises but there might be a "guest blogger" involved whose name starts with an 'A' and ends with a Wendling!


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