Thursday, March 15, 2012

A nudge.

As I've discussed before, I'm a constant contradiction.  I love adventure but enjoy laying my head down on my own pillow each night.  I'm loud and talkative yet introspective.  I like to give but take selfishly from those with which I truly share my heart.  And when I chose my partner, I chose someone who is so patient with these contradictions.  One who smiles and nods when I need him to and one who gives me a nudge when needed as well.

I needed a nudge last weekend.  I had completely consumed my thoughts with giving up the short-term excitements so we can meet our long-term goals.  I needed to remind myself that sometimes a nudge toward a friendly face is exactly what you need to refuel and get yourself to the place where your long-term goals become a reality.

So, we packed up the car and drove across the state to visit one of my very best friends and her family.  It was a short trip but we filled it to the brim with fun, laughter, chatting, more laughter and fake ketchup bottles.  It's funny the way an evening with people you love can bring you right back to where you needed to be all along - with just a little nudge.

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