Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dear Weston

How are you one? The day you were born seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago. As we prepare to celebrate you, there are a few things I want you to know...

Photo by Heart Shot Photo
  • Your smile melts hearts! I see the way the ladies at daycare look at you when you smile and nuzzle into them. It’s the same way I look at you! Your smile is powerful, little man, and as they say… “With great power, comes great responsibility!”
  •  You give me a minor heart attack multiple times a day. When I hear your mischievous giggle, I know I need to find you before you tumble off something head first. But, the truth is, I adore and admire your fearless spirit.
  • When you go to kindergarten, your immunity is going to be strong as steel. You, poor child, have been sick more days than healthy since you’ve been born. And, while it’s been hard, I’m so thankful for the extra time to hold, cuddle and love you that this experience has awarded us.
  • You crawl fastest after your sister. When she’s upset, you’re not far behind. When she laughs, so do you! You steal the toys she’s playing with and desperately try to wrestle her. You watch her so closely. Please always do this! She is your first friend and will be your lifetime partner-in-crime.
  • You’re the second child, man, and it shows! We’ve bonked your head more often, given in more quickly, been more tired and less worried. You know something? I’m the second child too. There are lots of cons to this role in the family at first glance but something tells me your fearless energy combined with slightly less oversight, will serve you well!
Photo by Heart Shot Photo
Most of all, you are so loved!! We couldn’t imagine our family without you in it. You are the perfect balance to my uptight nature, your sister’s skepticism and your dad’s logic. You are funny and happy and the most fun person to be around. Keep being you, Wes!


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  1. Makes me cry to think he is one...and with that we are all a little older...hopefully a little wiser and so much luckier to have Weston's smiley, happy self in our lives! Grammy and Poppy Fo


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