Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why I Run.

We started this weekend’s training run around 7:30 in the morning to beat some of the heat and were welcomed by a relief of the humidity we’ve come to expect. We are lucky enough to live across the street from Wickham Park, a beautiful city park that has a wonderfully flat four mile radius. Our run this weekend consisted of various loops around this park totaling nine miles.

I’ve said for some time that one of my favorite things about running – especially in the mornings – are the friendly faces and waves that come from fellow runners and walkers. But, on this run it dawned on me why. With each wave and smile, I realized that I had no idea where these fitness peers were on their journey. And by that I mean, I didn’t know if they were at mile one, ten or more. And further, I had no idea why they were out there – whether it was to work through a tough life decision, lose weight, become healthier or ultimately to experience the joy of solitude. What I realized is that I respected wherever they were, without judgment, because of our thread of mutual experience.

And, after a long week – one that was full of reaching inside my own heart for the maximum amount of empathy and sympathy to give out to friends – what I had been searching for inside myself came without effort on my run. The way I attempt to live my life, is the way I run with ease.  The glimpse of the "me" I strive to be is what keeps me going back even when it hurts and my shirt is soaking in sweat. 

In other news...
Got to practice what I preach... "no judgement!"

Another successful new recipe.  This one is wonderful the night before a big run!  (Ok, before the run replace the wine with water!)

Sausage, Tomato and Arugula Fettucini (click the link for the recipe)
Andy:  8.4
Amanda:  8.5

We're both traveling for work and fun this week so we'll try to check in.  Until then, CHEERS!

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  1. ..and of course, a bottle of wine.. :)
    hey, flattering pic, Andy!


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