Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Celebration and a Little Reflection

This is what 34 looks like.  Yup, toothpick and all!

You see, 34 is reflective.  You have a little life behind you, a whole lot more ahead and a brand new bottle of bourbon from your brother.

Two years ago, yesterday, we asked our friends and family to join us in the blistering Iowa heat to be witness to the choice we were making.  Since that day, we have seen more blistering {Florida} days and made many more choices.  But, each morning we make the same choice we did that very day; to continue to work toward a "good enough marriage."

I think we are doing right by those promises.  We still believe that our marriage is just that; ours.  There are great days, good days and days that we'd like to rush right through so we can start over again tomorrow.  But, we know that we define these days.

After two very short years, it feels like we are far from this day and somehow, at the same time, it is still very close in our rear-view mirror.

One of my favorite parts of two years of marriage came not too long ago.  We mentioned to a good friend that our anniversary was right around the corner and she asked us in a somewhat sarcastic tone;

"The best two years of your life?"

We looked at each other and realized that it has been. 

It's cheesy and cliche but it's true.

So, a happy cotton anniversary to us.

His new "cotton" track suit.  Except, it's polyester.  Ooops!

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