Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The In Between

We're hanging out in between lately.  In between big trips, moves and celebrations.  We're coming off our wine high, cleaning up our current house and preparing for upcoming celebrations of marriage and another year in the life of Andy Wendling. 

The in between also means wandering around Lowe's pretending to be home owners.  It means sitting on the beach with many magazine tear-outs, dreaming of our soon-to-be new house.

It means grilling out at our current house with a favorite bottle of wine and discussing our next steps.

And, in between big trips, we travel to local places that we've never tried.  This week it was Matt's Casbah.  I suggest the calamari!

Please ignore the glass of wine on-deck.  Gotta order before happy hour ends :)

What does your in-between look like?

1 comment:

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