Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I usually write in this space and it comes easily.  Not so this week - even after skipping a week. 

I think my mind is cluttered so I shall give you my mind dump to clear it and hope that an interesting post reveals itself along the way.

I had a five hour layover in Minneapolis this past week that was just long enough to remind me that things happen between where you are and where you're going.  Things like making a fool of yourself to an NFL player and meeting friendly people who teach you about their journey and help you pass the time with a common bond of "stuck."

I met a cute little lady bug recently and I still crave that clean baby smell and the wise eyes!

Finding a place to live in Florida is hard. 

We signed up for our first full marathon and I already have butterflies.  Who wants to bet I fall down?  Odds are good.  Two half-marathons to date and two times I have fallen down!

I'm really going to miss Portland.  I'm not good with change - must make amends with this little devil.

Working from home is challenging some days and fun on others.  Some days are Adele days, others Zac Brown Band and then when it's really bad, out comes the Christina Aguilera Pandora station because it makes me laugh.  But I still miss my cube.

I'm going to really miss Portland (I worded that differently so it's a different thought).  I like going on runs and having Mt. Hood appear seemingly from no where to put me in my place.  My place today - a lot of rambling in my mind but nothing too worrisome so I'll call it a good day.

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