Friday, June 17, 2011

The In-Between.

The reality of my life today is that I live in Portland, OR and work in Cedar Rapids, IA.  That won't be true for long - I'm kind of in-between home locations - but that statement means that I'm also always a bit in-between experiences. 

Between meeting new friendly faces I meet weird ones that tell me that they don't like cheese, chocolate or china (as in the dishes, not the country).  But both meetings provide their share of reflection.  One reminds me that I can probably someday do it - and by it, I mean become a good mother while juggling a career and the in-between - the other reminds me that sometimes some comments at airport bars are just better left to yourself.

The Amazingly Friendly Face, Ms. Stella!
Somewhere in between our travels and the things we write about this other stuff happens. 

The other stuff - realizations, facts and funnies:

I have very sore arms from a funny and exhilarating Ferrell's workout with my sister.

After meal tea time conversations are by far more interesting than convos sans tea!

Coffee in a living room surrounded by family and Stella snuggles tastes better than coffee anywhere else.

Cornuts on airplanes are never acceptable.  They smell and everyone {me} around you now hates you for stinking up the joint!

"We are RICH" - says my husband at Panera so convincing that the man in front of us glances around fully expecting to see the two fanciest people ever.  His disappointed face reminded us that it's all about mind over matter!

And so, something happens between where you are and where you're going that results in the in-between and sometimes that in-between ends up being the important stuff!

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